10 Ways I Use Landing Pages To Market My Solo Practice

One of the best marketing tools I started using this year was landing pages. I didn’t think they were necessary until I tried them out and saw the difference they made to my conversion rates in my marketing efforts.


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What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is where you can drive traffic to a specific URL that has been specially designed to get visitors to take a specific action.


Why Do I Need One?

The main benefit to landing pages is increased conversion rates. A good landing page leads the user to respond to a specific call to action. There are no other links, tabs, or anything else to do except respond to that call to action – download the checklist, sign up for the newsletter, enroll in the webinar, etc.  


How Can I Use Landing Pages In My Law Practice?


I wasn’t always a believer in the power of landing pages until I gave in and tested out Leadpages for my Facebook ads. Previously, my ads would lead to a page on my website or my Mailchimp signup form. When I tested Leadpages, my opt-ins tripled.


My Facebook PPC ads usually involve a lead magnet like a checklist or guide. I found that using a landing page vs. a page on my website resulted in a better opt-in rate. This makes sense. The landing pages I use for this purpose only gives the user the option to opt-in or leave. No other pages to click to. Simpler pages work better for me for this purpose.

Consultation Sign Up (specifically target different types of consults)

I also use a landing page for that link to my consultations, which I call case strategy sessions. I have a page on my website, but I use the lead page for marketing purposes when I want the user’s sole action to be to schedule a consultation.

Email Campaigns

You can also create a landing page for specific email campaigns. For example, if I run a special offering free consultations to email subscribers, I’ll make a special landing page where they can schedule the consult. It makes it easier for me to track which campaigns are working well.


Learn how landing pages and email campaigns work together and your campaigns will be more successful.


Webinar Sign Ups

If you want people to sign up for your webinar you have to tell them why it is worth it. A landing page is a great place to that. Check out this post for creating webinar landing pages that convert.


Social Media

I use landing pages in my social media as well. For example, on Instagram, I may use a landing page for a lead magnet created exclusively for Instagram followers or just link to a landing page for an old lead magnet. I also occasionally post the link to my email sign-up landing page to get general subscribers. Here are some examples of great social media landing pages.


There are many landing page builder options out there, but I use Leadpages because I like the interface and the many options they have. Many offer free trials, so give one a try to see if they would be an effective marketing tool for your law practice.


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