generate more clients

7 Resolutions You Should Make for Your solo Law firm in 2017

generate more clients

The new year is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about your goals for 2017.

Some people are put off by resolutions, but the start of a fresh new year is the perfect opportunity to review your business and plan how you want to move forward. So whether you have goals or resolutions, here are 7 things you consider for your solo firm in 2017.

Increase sales in 2017 by X percent

Many solos resolve to increase profits but most fail to set a concrete goal. Do you want to make $5 more than last year or $50,000?  Set an achievable number and then write out how you plan to get there.

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback can be scary since it can open you up to criticism that you may not be prepared to handle. But of you don’t know how you are doing, you can’t improve.

Many people ask for feedback at the end of representation but that can often be too late. Determine how to ask for feedback during the relationship with a client. You may not even realize they are unhappy and you can fix it before it becomes a bigger issue.

I also found that my clients really appreciate me checking in to see how I’m doing. It shows them I care and helps me provide the best service possible. It also helps me determine which processes are working and which are not.

Refresh your social media and marketing strategy

Social media changes very quickly so to be effective you have to stay on top of what’s still working and what is not.

The same goes for your overall marketing strategy. Review what worked over the past year and what did not. Determine what to spend more resources on and what to eliminate.

Be more productive

Review your tools and systems to see if they are meeting your needs and helping you be as productive as possible. That fancy case management software means nothing if you don’t use it. Would it be more effective for you to switch to something simpler?

Take a look at your processes. Do they work well for you and your clients? Are you meeting deadlines and getting things done effectively? Do you have your processes written down?

Something writing down a process, like client intake, can help you spot and eliminate inefficiencies.


Reach out to a new prospect or referral source every day

Building and maintaining a network can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just take a few minutes every day start a new relationship or foster an old one. That can mean making a phone call, sending an email, or meeting some for coffee.

Make it a goal to have this become a part of your daily routine and you will have a steady stream of new clients in no time.

Refresh your website

Most of your marketing efforts lead back to your website and all that work is wasted if your website is terrible. At least once a year you should review your site and update it so that it stays fresh and relevant. Update your bio, change outdated photos, and update firm information.

Do the same for your blog. If there are any posts that are no longer on brand, update or delete them. Check for ways to improve your SEO.

These simple changes can make a huge difference in website traffic and conversion.

Take Care of yourself

Solo’s are prone to burnout so it’s essential to have a plan in place to take care of your physical and mental needs.

This can mean taking control of your schedule so you have time to relax with your family o making time to work out. It could also mean planning a few vacations and getaways in advance.

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Joleena Louis

In addition to assisting New Yorkers with their family law issues, I also advise other entrepreneurial attorneys on starting their law practices. I have a weekly column on the Law Firm Suites blog called Things I Wish I Knew, a family law blog at and my solopreneur blog