I am by no means an expert at starting law firms, I’m just a solo figuring it all out as I go. Since starting Joleena Louis Law in the fall of 2013 I’ve read thousands of articles, blog posts, and books about running a successful practice. I regularly interrogate talk to other solos who seem to have it all together. Basically, I’m an information fanatic. 

Very early in my practice, I started writing a guest column called “Things I Wish I Knew” for the Law Firm Suites blog. That experience forced me to regularly analyze the things I’ve learned (and need to learn) while growing my practice. Because of that column, I have been contacted by many solos and solos-to-be for advice and they inspired me to start this blog and to share what I have learned in more detail.

Since 2013 I’ve discovered a lot of great tips and useful sources of information. Unfortunately, this info is spread out – online, offline, and by word of mouth. Modern Solo is a one-stop resource to bring great advice and information for small firm and solo attorneys all together in one place.

I hope this site is useful to you. Feel free to contact me with any advise, suggestions or if you just want to say hello!


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