How To Leverage The Power Of Email In Your Law Firm Marketing

How To Leverage The Power Of Email In Your Law Firm Marketing

How To Leverage The Power Of Email In Your Law Firm Marketing

An email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your marketing toolkit.

Unlike other types of marketing, your email list is full of qualified prospects who are already interested enough in your services to give your their email.

The value in an email list is that it is a direct line to your followers that you have 100% control over. You can contact your list at anytime with whatever type of message you want, without being restrained by the rules or algorithms of a social media platform.

If used correctly, an email list can be an essential piece of your sales funnel that quickly turns prospects into clients.


Here Are The Best Ways To Leverage The Power Of Email

Segment Your List

The biggest mistake you can make with email marketing is sending the same emails to your entire list every time. While some information will be of use to your entire list, your emails will be more valuable if they target  specific groups.

For example, I segment Joleena Louis Law’s email list by borough, type of family law issue, gender or if they have children. A person interested in prenuptial agreements may not be interested in divorce tips and a mom seeking custody won’t be interested in fathers rights.

By segmenting my list I send targeted information to the right groups instead of filling their inbox with things that may be irrelevant to them.


Quality Over Quantity

Don’t send an email just to send an email. While you should send regularly to keep your subscribers interested, only send when you have something of value to share.

Know your audience and how much contact is appropriate. For some firms that may be daily news updates and for others a monthly newsletter. I personally try to send no more than once a week or less than twice a month.

My email campaigns started to get a higher open rate when I began to send higher quality content less often.

How to leverage the power of email marketing

Take Advantage of RSS

A great way to use your email list is to share recent blog post with your audience. I’ve found the easiest way to do this was to set up a RSS Campaign with Mailchimp that automatically sends an email to my list when a new post is added to my blog.

After testing I’ve found a better open rate for my Modern Solo list when I send the RSS campaign as soon as a new blog is posted and for my Joleena Louis Law list I send a campaign on the first of every month with all the posts from the previous months.

Test out different strategies and see what works best for your subscribers.


Give Something Away

People love free things. Free information, free webinars, free videos. A great way to sell yourself to a prospect is to show them you know your practice area well by teaching them something useful.

Leverage it even more by asking them to share the free info with someone else who may be interested.


When done correctly, email marketing can be more effective than all other types of marketing combined. Want more great marketing tips like this? Sign up for the  Modern Solo email list.


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