5 Reasons Your Law Firm Is Failing At Social Media

The importance of social media in marketing, especially for small or solo firms, is no longer a question. Despite understanding the importance, many law firms are failing at social media and missing out on a great way to connect with possible clients and referral sources.

Merely having social media accounts is not enough. You have to put in the time and effort to make it work.

Here are some of the common ways lawyers fail at social media.

You Only Talk About You

Many people, lawyers especially, use social media to talk about themselves. How great they are, how great their firm is, what they are doing. No one cares. Prospective clients will only pay attention to things that will entertain or help them. So your focus should be on what you can do for your followers and sharing useful information.

Instagram @lawofficeofsutton

While promotional content like the picture above is usual, it should comprise less than 20% of the content you share.

You Are Not Targeting Your Ideal Client

Another way lawyers fail at social media is trying to be everything to everyone and spreading themselves too thin. You don’t need to be active on every platform, you just need to be active on the ones that your ideal clients hang out on and share content that your ideal client cares about. Maybe you won’t appeal to thousands of followers, but the ones you target will be loyal because they care about what you have to say.

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You Ignore Analytics

Most social media platforms provide some way to review analytics, such as Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Instagram Insights.

Instagram Analytics

This is a goldmine of information that can help you learn who is following you, the best time to post for your audience, and what content is working the best for you. Regularly reviewing this information and making adjustments can take your social media marketing to the next level.

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You Don’t Post Often Enough

One major way to fail at social media is inconsistent posting. On most platforms, you need to be posting at least weekly, if not daily. If you don’t care enough to post regularly no one is going to care enough to follow and engage with you.

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You Don’t Have A Plan

Failure to have a plan is the reason that most people make all the other mistakes listed in this article. Posting haphazardly and hoping for results will only lead to frustration. You need to have an actual plan that details who you are trying to reach, what platforms you want to use, what content you want to share, and how often you want to share it. You refine this plan by reviewing analytics regularly and making adjustments.



Instagram @lawyer4entrepreneurs

This post by @lawyer4entrepreneurs is an excellent example of a lawyer with a plan. The post is useful, informative and well branded.

Social media has been a cost-effective way to promote my firm. I’ve written before about how I get a large number of referrals from Instagram and how I grow my email list with Facebook ads. As solo’s we need to be willing to use every tool available to stay competitive. And if used correctly, social media can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

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