What To Post On Social Media Accounts

What To Post On Social Media Accounts

What To Post On Social Media Accounts

If you are a regular reader Modern Solo or Things I Wish I Knew you know that social media a major part of my marketing strategy.

The keyword here is strategy. Many attorneys have social media accounts but they don’t get results because they fail to have a strategy.

If you want to have a successful social media strategy you have to plan, schedule, and interact. The biggest roadblock to this is not knowing what to post on your social media accounts.

To help you with your strategy I’m going to share exactly what you should post on each social media platform.


In the past I’ve written about the importance of having a Facebook page. If you don’t have a page already you are missing out on great marketing opportunities, especially the use of Facebook ads.

Here are some very specific types of posts that work for Facebook.

Blog Posts

If you have a Facebook page you should definitely be sharing your blog posts on the page. For Facebook I generally only share family law related posts because that is what my followers are interested in.

Facebook is also good for blog posts because they are easily shareable and link back to your website.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

This is a great way to showcase who you are which is very important if you are a solo. Share pictures, videos and live stream of you at work. You can show your office, your desk, how you get ready for trial or even behind the scenes at a legal event. Showing the people behind the practice creates a connection and brand loyalty that will encourage people to work with you.


Quotes are extremely shareable which make them perfect for Facebook. Find quotes that are related to your niche or a current event.

I use quotes heavily on Instagram so I automatically share them to my Facebook page.



If you want to encourage interaction, asking questions is a great way to do so depending on your followers.

My Facebook followers share more than they comment so this does not work as well for my page but it may work for you.



Facebook is the perfect place to share any updates, announcements, or events about your firm. If you are hosting a webinar or hired a new employee this is the place to share.

After your website Facebook is the place that prospective clients will go to learn more about your firm so it’s a great platform to show the personal side of your business.


Recent Facebook algorithm changes have made video the top content that users see in their news feeds.  Especially Facebook Live streams.

So if you have content that you want everyone to see consider making a video. Check out this post for more ways to use video in your law firm marketing.


Instagram is my favorite social media platform and is the one that has brought me the most business.  

Instagram is still photo centered. Videos do well but photos still dominate. The key to success is content that is unique and visually pleasing.


The majority of my content on Instagram is quotes.  I use branded quote images to make my posts stand out and help my followers recognize when I post original content.

Words alone will work if they are aesthetically pleasing but words over interesting photos will also grab attention.

I use quotes related to breakups, divorce, child custody but also other things I enjoy like coffee, wine and entrepreneurship.


I also repost from other accounts that I like or are relevant to my practice. This has lead to other social media influencers sharing my posts on their accounts and increasing my followers.

Holidays & Current Events

Apparently there is some made up holiday for every day of the year and Instagram is the perfect place to celebrate. From National Siblings Day to National Wine Day there is always an opportunity to jump on the trend and share a relevant post that might go viral.

It’s also a good place to jump on trends or trending hashtags. Just try to make it relevant to your practice.

Funny posts

Instagram is a great platform for humor. Some of my most liked and shared posts are the ones that are funny. Just make sure it’s relevant and not offensive to your audience.


Each social media platform has a different audience and  I primarily use twitter to connect with other lawyers and professionals.  So I usually don’t post the same things I post on Facebook and Instagram.

Blog Posts

Just like Facebook, you’ll want to share your own blog posts on your twitter page. The best part of twitter is that you can share the same post multiple times without it getting repetitive like on other platforms.

Curated Content

In addition to sharing my own blog posts, Twitter is where I share other posts and articles that I think my followers would be interested in. Many of my biggest promoters have come from sharing someone else’s content on my account and they return the favor.



Some people get favorites and retweets from quotes on Twitter but they don’t  perform as well as other tweets for my audience. But test them out for yourself.

Industry News

Want to position yourself as an expert in your industry?  Be one of the first to share relevant industry news.

Remember twitter feeds are always updating so even if you are not the first to share you will be the first to someone.


Just like with Facebook, tweet updates and announcements about your firm that your followers can retweet.


I should do a post on Pinterest for lawyers, but it is a surprisingly good source of blog traffic for me. I get the most traffic by using my personal account to post to group boards.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is image oriented. And it’s more than just a place for pretty pictures, it’s also a goldmine for information.

Blog Posts

This is another fantastic place to share your blog posts. Just be sure to have an intriguing image and link back to your blog.  


As you can see by now people are really into quotes. My quotes always get repinned. Be sure to brand your quotes and link it back to your website or social media account.


Another thing people are obsessed with on Pinterest is Infographics. Create one for some of your blog posts and you’ll be sure to attract some Pinterest traffic.

Hope some of these ideas help you with your social media strategy. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more examples!


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Joleena Louis

In addition to assisting New Yorkers with their family law issues, I also advise other entrepreneurial attorneys on starting their law practices. I have a weekly column on the Law Firm Suites blog called Things I Wish I Knew, a family law blog at joleenalouislaw.com and my solopreneur blog mondernsolo.com.